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"PATCHES" Siggi & Keith

Siggi & Keith, their first "duo" album.
Recorded in Veranda Studios,Copenhagen, Denmark.2004.
Lucky Day(Roy Pascal),Beautiful Curse(Keith Hopcroft),Restless Spirits(S.Bjørns & E. Bøgh),Lazy(K. Hopcroft),Monday(S.Bjørns & K.Hopcroft),Annie´s Eyes(K.Hopcroft),Shake That Thing(s.Bjørns & K. Hopcroft),Wild Rover "MAN"(Trad:S.Bjørns & K. Hopcroft arr.),She´s a Godmine(K.Hopcroft),Just Another Day(S.Bjørns & E.Bøgh) Biðin(S.Bjørns)
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The Wild Rover

Siggi & Keith 2004

A single with the well known Irish song "Wild Rover" in a reaggie version

Live and Brewing

Siggi recorded "live" in Bornholm in the summer 2000 in two places. Bakkarøgeriet and Bryghuset. Keith plays second guitar and sings one song, and Jack Lauwrensen sings another one and plays banjo in three songs. This is pretty much Siggi´s performance in Bornholm with a lots of old and known songs with the guests singing along,banging tables and hands.
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