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 Siggi´s cd from 1999, recorded in Villa Alma Studios,Århus,Denmark.
Mostly Siggi´s own songs in English.

Siggi Bjørns:Vocal,guitars,Bluesharp
Esben Laursen:Bass,Mandolin,Slide guitar
Keith Hopcroft:Guitars
Chengiz Cevik:Saz,Percussion
Him Shing:Drums
Johs Stærk:Guitar,Shakers,Vocalas
Jens Ganer:Accordion
Ronan Vandrer: Didjridoo
Recording and Mixing:Johs Stærk
Photos: Spessi
Cover design: Spessi,Jósep Gíslason


A simple recordings from Bornholm 1994. One night in a pub in Bornholm, were Siggi plays songs from all directions and fools around with the guests. A rough recording of a party atmosphere,the Bornholm summerguests have known Siggi to create for years now. This cd hasn´t been available on sale for years now and to be honest...the mastertapes are long time lost and gone. 

Bísinn á Trinidad

"Bísinn á Trinidad" was recorded in Iceland 1994, and released on the label "Bein Leið".
This is the only cd from Siggi Björns that all the songs are in Icelandic. 

Can be bought on www.tonlist.is

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