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Bluesy on Both Sides

Siggi recorded some blues-standards with well known bands in Iceland and in New Zealand. This was done as a fun project, two days in studio in each country. In New Zealand it were the bands "Gorilla Biskits" and "Hard to Handle" and in Iceland "The KK band" with Sigtryggur Baldursson (from The Sugercubes) on drums. A small number of the cd was made (1500) and for years it has been hard to find a copy of it anywere. The last known copys on sale were in a shop in Philadelphia,USA, called "Rusticmusic), a shop that sells music instroments and music

Live At Sørens

This one was recorded LIVE in a pub in Bornholm. Siggi playes some standards and the house swings.

1993 this one happened


GUITARS`N`BARS is an LP with musicians playing the Copenhagen "Pub-Sircet" around 1989.

And they are: Keith Hopcroft

                       Neil Stanford

                       Malcolm Lay

                       Cliff ...

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